Is poker an olympic sport

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Poker Could Become an Olympic Sport after GAISF Recognition

A sporting chance: Could pole dancing & poker be in the ... For the first time ever, pole dancing and poker have been provisionally recognized by an international sporting body, making them potential events for future Olympic Games. Both activities have been given “observer status” by The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), meaning they are both now provisionally regarded ... Poker in the Olympics? | Montreal Gazette If poker ever does become an Olympic sport, the gold-medal favourite could be Joe Cada of Shelby, Township, Mich. The 21-year-old poker pro won the World Series of Poker Tuesday in Las Vegas ...

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Then I got thinking, could card games ever become Olympic events? Some of the top card players are already from Canada. Imagine how fun that would be, watching the top people from every country in the world compete in card tournaments: Bridge, Poker, Euchre, etc., etc. Such events would definitely add some variety. Pole dancing and poker could be the next Olympic sports |

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Poker Is Close to Becoming an Official Olympic Sport Poker with some other sports has received the observer status from GAISF, which brings this card game one step closer to becoming an official Olympic sport. Poker as an Olympic sport? - Americas Cardroom Oct 04, 2017 · The world of poker wants to become an Olympic sport. Latest Online Poker News. Stay up-to-date on the latest poker news and information on the most trending cryptocurrency, sports and esports headlines.

Pole dancing and poker could be included in Olympic Games. Pole dancing and poker could become an Olympic events in the future after being recognised by an international sporting body for the first time. Both activities had been given “observer status”, which means they are now provisionally regarded as sports,...

FlopTurnRiver have learned that discussions are ongoing to include Poker as an Olympic sport for the 2020 games. From what we have heard, Poker is to take the place of Windsurfing in the summer games program. In February, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted to drop Wrestling from the ... Should Poker Be An Olympic Sport? | Gene Bromberg And that’s why poker won’t, and shouldn’t, be an Olympic event. It wouldn’t be bigger than the World Series of Poker. Unless…unless every seat in Olympic poker cost, say, $1 million, and each nation could send as many players as they wanted. Top three places pay out. They should make poker an olympic sport - The Something ... register a sa forums account here! joining the sa forums will remove this big ad, the annoying underlined ads, and stupid interstitial ads!!!